Start Spring Off Right!

Tomorrow, United Korean Martial Arts kicks off its Cage Fitness Butts and Guts 12 week program! I’m super excited! I just finished putting together our first Butts and Guts class, and it’s a doozy! Be ready to work your butts off (pun intended)!

It’s no coincidence this program starts off on the first day of spring. We’re going to kick winter to the curb and get our bodies moving again. It is perfectly natural to put on a few extra pounds during the winter months. We tend to crave comfort foods when it’s cold, our bodies tend to respond to the shorter days by being tired and less active; the cold makes it less likely we are going to go out and exercise, and even wearing a wardrobe that is less revealing decreases our motivation to exercise. With the arrival of spring, those factors fall by the way side. Spring is a season filled with renewed energy. We want to harness that energy and regain control of our health and fitness!

Those of you that have been participating in the Cage Fitness program are going to recognize the format and some of the exercises. You will also notice a few changes, and hopefully you will find yourself being challenged a bit more. Those of you who are new to the program are going love the fact you get an intense workout in just 30 minutes. You’re also going to love the environment. Every class we come together and push ourselves beyond what you thought you were capable of, while at the same time laughing and bonding with our fellow Cagers.

I am looking forward to growing stronger and healthier with all of you. Join us tomorrow and kick off spring with a commitment to a healthier you!

Butts and Guts 12 Week Cage Fitness Program. Only $169. Includes Free gloves!

Class times are – Monday – 545pm, Tuesday/Thursday – 545pm, Tuesday – 730pm, Wednesday – 630am, Saturday – 830am.

Call RJ to sign up. 860-836-9062.



Butts and Guts!

Are you ready to take it to the next level? United Korean Martial Arts’ (UKMA) Cage Fitness program is already an intense workout; starting on the 20th of March we are going to make it even more intense! That’s when we roll out the new, “Butts and Guts” program. We are still going to be working the entire body, only now there will be an added focus on butts and guts… glutes and abs… hineys and bellies… tushes and tummies… you get the idea. With summer just around the corner this is the perfect time to tighten and tone your abs and shape your backside. The UKMA Cage Fitness Butts and Guts program is a 12 week program that targets the glutes and abs while continuing to working the entire body. The format will still be five rounds, with each round lasting five minutes, while staying true to Cage Fitness’s four key elements – Endurance, Strength, Power, and Core. At the start of the program we will be announcing prizes for the, “biggest winner” in both the male and female categories. We are excited to kick this off; we are even more excited to see the results! Our first year of Cage fitness has been great, continue bringing that amazing energy to each class! You truly motivate us to be the best we can possibly be!

Butts and Guts is a 12 week program starting on March 20th and running to June 10th.  Cost is $169.00 for the full 12 weeks, which includes a set of gloves. Call RJ at 860-936-9062, or Sarah at 860-559-3713  for more details or to sign up.

Welcome to the UKMA Cage Fitness Blog

Welcome to the UKMA Cage Fitness blog! It is my intention here to use this medium to keep our Cagers updated with the goings-on regarding Cage Fitness at UKMA. If you follow this blog you will get an email notification each time a new blog is posted and never miss an update! I will also be sharing them to Facebook, so you will be able to read them there as well. I welcome your feedback as well as your suggestions for topics you would like to see discussed here.